OKEx Lightning 2.0 Upgrade

A next-generation trading system that delivers faster performance
OKB Ecosystem Monthly Report (Oct – Nov 2019)

Since the launch of OKB, we have been making every effort to perfecting the OKB ecosystem in the past 21 months. Through our buy-back & burn scheme, token economy model, platform-empowered and external use cases, we are continuously enhancing the value of OKB as a gl...
OKEx Technical Weekly: Dec 2, 2019

Bitcoin bulls on thin ice; Altcoins mixed
Bitcoin Prices Rebounded, so What’s Next?

Cautious still in the air as market prepares for the year-end
Social Influence: A Unique Part of Crypto Market Structure

How to trade social influence in crypto space?
OKEx Technical Weekly: Nov 25, 2019

Technical analysis of this week’s crypto trading market
Crypto Asset Diversification

Should HODLers put all eggs in one basket?
Crypto November Selloff: Pure Technical or Something Else Behind?

High Network difficulty could put BTC bulls on thin ice
A Comparison of Public vs Private Blockchain

What difference does it make
OKEx Ecosystem: A Recap on AMA with OKEx CEO Jay Hao

Revisit the live chat with 5,500+ fans about our plans and development

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