OKEx Quant

10 December 2019

First crypto exchange to offer C2C, spot, futures, perpetual swap, and options trading under the same roof

9 December 2019

OKEx Quant
There is a concern on trading, both in traditional and crypto market (or even any kind of market place):

2 December 2019

In the report “Exchange Review for September 2019” recently released by CryptoCompare, a cryptocurrency market data provider, OKEx is the top crypto exchange in terms of derivatives monthly volume.  Although OKEx saw an astonishing derivatives total volume of $90.34B in ...

23 October 2019

Calendar spread arbitrage is a common hedging practice that takes advantage of discrepancies in extrinsic value across 2 different expiration contracts of the same token, in order to make a risk-free profit.What is Calendar Spread Arbitrage StrategyFutures price reflects...

3 September 2019

OKEx, a world-leading digital asset exchange, has launched Futures & Perpetual Swap Market Data , the first-of-its-kind big data platform in the industry offering accurate, unbiased trading data for customers to understand the derivatives market. This new feature exc...

2 August 2019

Bitcoin bulls have been having a hard time as the leading cryptocurrency has been following a bearish path since reaching the year high of $13,900 level in late June. As the price correction continues, traders have been asking how to hedge their BTC long positions. Thank...

1 August 2019

Corporate News
OKEx, a Malta-based world-leading digital asset exchange, recorded a breaking number of 24-hour trading volume in contract market at USD2.4 billion, according to the official data, topping the industry globally. Among its traders, 56% of them go long on Bitcoin (BTC), re...

14 March 2019