OKEx (, the world’s largest cryptocurrency spot and futures exchange by trading volume, has launched two exciting products towards the end of last year - USDT-margined futures trading in November and perpetual swap trading in December, and received significa...

2 January 2020

Join us to know more about our latest futures offeringThey say the best is yet to come, but we say the best has already arrived at OKEX!Last week, we’ve officially launched the much-anticipated USDT-margined futures on our futures market, following a successful 1-week si...

22 November 2019

World’s top cryptocurrency futures exchange adds BTC/USDT futures trading with a leverage level of 0.01-100x

14 November 2019

Making the most out of your derivativesHave you tried our newly launched USDT-margined futures?What’s USDT Futures?USDT futures contract is a linear derivative product quoted and settled in USDT. Each contract has a face value of a fixed amount of digital tokens, traders...

8 November 2019

World’s top cryptocurrency futures exchange adds USDT futures trading with pairs including BTC, ETH and EOS

5 November 2019

Calendar spread arbitrage is a common hedging practice that takes advantage of discrepancies in extrinsic value across 2 different expiration contracts of the same token, in order to make a risk-free profit.What is Calendar Spread Arbitrage StrategyFutures price reflects...

3 September 2019

Starting August 22, the settlement time for futures contracts will be changed from 10am every Friday to 10am every day (CEST, UTC+2).The release (migration) schedule is as follows:

21 August 2019

OKEx, a world-leading digital asset exchange, has launched Futures & Perpetual Swap Market Data , the first-of-its-kind big data platform in the industry offering accurate, unbiased trading data for customers to understand the derivatives market. This new feature exc...

2 August 2019

Since the launch of Perpetual Swap last year, OKEx has introduced an enhanced risk management system in response to the derivatives market risks triggered by extreme volatility in the past few months and achieved a significant result – zero clawback since launching. The ...

17 June 2019

The value of Bitcoin dropped significantly today amid a flash market sell-off. The price of a Hong Kong-based exchange's BTC swap dropped to $6,380, while quarterly futures of a Singapore-based exchange dropped to $6,791, and OKEx's quarterly futures dropped to $7,025.As...

17 May 2019